Rangers & Safety

The Shire of East Pilbara Community Safety Team consists of 5 Rangers, a Business Support Officer and Manager. 3 Rangers are based in Newman while the Shire also has a Ranger based in Cape Keraudren and Marble Bar.

Rangers are authorised officers who are responsible for enforcing a range of different legislation that cover a variety of Acts, and Local Laws as well as assisting Police with Community Safety patrols.

This includes: Abandoned Vehicles, Parking, Off-Road Vehicles, Portable Signs, Verges and Thoroughfares, Litter, Illegal Camping, Fire Hazards, Dogs, Cats, Animal Welfare, Straying Livestock along with many other Acts and Local Laws.

Ranger team members are also volunteers with their respective DFES volunteer fire brigades – VFESU, VFRS & BFB.

Ranger Services are available between 8am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday and operate an afterhours service outside these hours for emergency situations.

An emergency situation may include: 

  • Serious dog attack.

  • Injured animal where no other service is available and it is a public safety risk.

  • Dog contained that requires immediate removal due to safety risk.

Reports deemed NOT to be classified as an Emergency by the Shire Ranger will be actioned the next business day.

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