Food Premises and Preparation


For a comprehensive guideline to operating a Food Business or Temporary Food Premises, download a copy of the booklet below.

Food Safety Booklet and Operational Guide

Free Online Food Handling Training

The Shire of East Pilbara takes food hygiene within our shire very seriously. All food businesses have obligations and The Shire of East Pilbara is assisting food businesses to meet these obligations by providing free access to this exciting new training tool. There is a high demand for training within the food sector. This training will assist food handlers in developing the required skills and knowledge to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner.

The program is easy to follow, includes an entertaining presentation as well as interactive quizzes. A training acknowledgement form can be printed upon completion and be kept as a part of your staff records.

Click here to conduct the training now.

Temporary Food Permits

Temporary food stalls must be approved by the Shire of East Pilbara Environmental Health Services prior to being set up in the town. Food stalls must comply with the Health Act 1911and the Food Standards Code. Guidelines for Temporary Food Stalls are available. Please contact Environmental Health Services on 08 9175 8000 for a copy of the guidelines and an application form to set up a temporary food stall.

All applicants must have completed the Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration Form and be registered with the Shire of East Pilbara or applicants provide a copy of Certificate of Registration Food Premise, if registered with another Council.

As from 1st July 2011, the following fees and charges will apply to all applications, including the Fortescue Festival, Mulla Mulla Markets, Bloodyslow Cup and other community events and sporting events.

Costs for Temporary Food Permits:

  • Daily Fee:$45.00 inlcuding GST;
  • 1 week or part of: $100.00 including GST;
  • 1 month or part of: $200.00 including GST;
  • 1 year or part of: $500.00 including GST.

Reduced fees apply to Not for Profit Community Groups. Please contact Environmental Health Services for more information.

Public Liability (Certificate of Currency)

All applications must have a current copy of Public Liability for a minimum of 10 million dollars submitted with application.

Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration Form

The Shire of East Pilbara has been advised by the Department of Health , that the new Food Act 2008 has come into force in Western Australia. There are some changes to how food for sale is regulated in the state.

An important change is that ALL individuals, businesses and not for profit community groups involved in production, storage or preparation of food for sale must notify the local government of their activities.

As from 1st July all individuals, businesses, companies and not for profit community organisations selling food must notify the local government of their activities, the following fees and charges will apply.

Fees and Charges for 2017-18

The Manager Development Services - Health, will assess each food premise, being high risk, medium risk or low risk and implement fees and charges adopted by Council annually to be invoiced to the applicant.

  • Registration Food Premise Notification $ 50.00
  • High Risk Food Premise $450.00
  • Medium Risk Food Premise $350.00
  • Low Risk Food Premise $200.00
  • Registration of Home Food Preparation Business $100.00
  • Registration for Exempt Food Business and Not for Profit Community Groups $0.00

Those registered outside the Shire of East Pilbara can provide a copy of your Certificate of Registration Food Premise from your Council.

Application form is located below.

Food Poisoning Control

A guide to basic food safety practices for food businesses and traders can be found above.

Food Complaints

Complaints regarding food businesses, food handlers, food products or suspected food poisoning incidents should be reported to the Local Government in which the food business is located. An Environmental Health Officer will then investigate these matters further.

If possible, it is requested that the product or remaining portion be kept under refrigerated conditions to aid in the investigation of a food complaint or suspected food poisoning.

If you are making a complaint about food poisoning, it would be appreciated if you could please visit your doctor beforehand and request to be tested for food poisoning. There are many common types of gastrointestinal viral infections (e.g. norovirus) that cause identical symptoms to food poisoning. Having the tests undertaken will not only confirm that you have actually contracted food poisoning but it will also help us to identify the type of bacteria that has caused your food poisoning and the type of food that may have caused your illness.

Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration Form

Application for Temporary Food-Traders Permit Form

Application for exemption from the requirement to obtain a licence