Running a Public Event

Public Events and Concerts

Environmental Health Services assess the following issues in relation to public events and concerts:

  1. Public Safety
  2. Exit, Evacuation Plans
  3. Food Safety
  4. Noise
  5. Temporary Strucuture (Certification)
  6. First Aid Facilities
  7. Fireworks
  8. Fire Safety
  9. Sanitary Facilities
  10. Rubbish Disposal
  11. Smoking in Enclosed Public Places

If you are proposing to hold an indoor or outdoor public event, please notify Enviromental Health Services up to 6 months in advance depending on the size and scope of the event, so that you are able to be provided with the necessary information and required approvals. Some examples of such events include fetes, fairs, carnivals, sporting events and other charity and community events.

Event applications are required when both free and ticketed events are open to the public ( including groups and organisations). All events requiring compliance with legislation will require and event permit.

Examples of elements at public events requiring compliance with legislation are:

  • Temporary food stalls
  • Tempoarary electrical fittings
  • Temporary public buildings and marquees
  • Temporary toilet facilities
  • Possibility or the potential to exceed assigned noise levels

Please contact the Shire if you require clarification on whether your event requires a permit or not.