Airport Services

Newman Airport is the gateway to the heart of the East Pilbara region. Located just south of the town of Newman, more than 450,000 passengers have been known to pass through this airport per annum, with more than 47 Regular Public Transport (RPT) flights per week between Newman and Perth. Whilst mining is a strong economic driver for the community, the shire is well known for it’s magnificent landscapes, unique outback experiences, long stretches of desert country and magnificent and rare wildflower scenes.

Although rich in minerals, the true value lies in the community’s spirit and contribution to making the Shire of East Pilbara a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy. Our airport is the gateway into this community.

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Parking Fees and Charges

Newman Airport has a number of Car Park parking options to suit the needs of the community and travellers.

Please click here for the Fees and Charges.

For more information on payment options, please feel free to contact us during office hours on (08) 9177 8964.

Airport Car Parking

Short Term Parking

The Short Term car park is located just 20 metres from the terminal and is dedicated to light vehicles/ sedans without trailers. This car park is ideal for dropping off and picking up visitors, or for those travelling on short trips.

The first hour is free in the Short Term car park, meaning you have plenty of time to farewell or greet family and friends. There are a total of 165 bays in Short Term car park.

Long Term Parking

The Long Term car park is located only 100 metres from the terminal and can be used by all vehicles.

Larger or longer vehicles are only permitted in the Long Term car park and must use this area for parking, drop-offs and pickups. This include all long vehicles such as buses, trucks, mini buses, minivans, coasters, boats, caravans and motor-homes or any vehicle with a trailer.

The first thirty minutes are free in the Long Term car park, with a total 423 bays available.

All long vehicles must use the designated drop-off/pickups area located in the long term car park. Bays D1 and D13 are designated for “Shuttle Buses” and are clearly marked and located as the drop-off/pickup area for buses, mini buses, minivans, coasters, etc.

Parking Fee

The Newman Airport car parks charging based on whether you select short or long term parking.

Short Term PARKING Long Term PARKING
0 -1 HOUR FREE 0-30 Minutes FREE
1 - 2 HOURS $5 30 Minutes - 7 days $12/day
2 - 3 HOURS $10 DAYS 8 - 14 $10/day
3 - 4 HOURS $15 DAYS 15 AND AFTER $8/day
4 - 5 HOURS $20    
5 - 6 HOURS $25    
6 - 7 HOURS $30    
7 - 8 HOURS $35    
8 - 9 HOURS $40    
9 - 10 HOURS $45    
10 - 24 HOURS $120    
Up to 48 HOURS $240    

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab for answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

How To Pay For Tickets

A ticket is issued upon entry to the car park, with payment calculated from your time of entry. The automated pay machines offer cash and credit/debit payment options (Visa and Master Card). There are two pay stations in the Newman Airport arrivals area, and two more at the entrance to the Long Term car park.

Alternatively, to avoid the queues you may use your credit/debit card at the exit gate with a receipt automatically issued upon exit.

A 24-hour assistance service is available at each pay station and exit gate to assist if you have any problems with your ticket or payment.

Please find the pay station on our airport map .

Drop-Off Lane In Terminal Area

No "STOPPING" is allowed along the kerb immediately in front of the terminal and as marked and signed. A "DROP-OFF" area is located further along the kerb where vehicles may only stay in the marked and signed area for a maximum of 2 minutes and must be attended at all times.

Vehicles for passenger pickups are NOT allowed entry to this area. Please use the Short Term Car Park for this purpose.

Taxis can access this area and are allocated parking bays.

Authorised vehicles only are allowed access to the freight shed on this laneway. This includes light vehicles/sedans dropping off or picking up pets only.

Resident Parking Concession

The Shire provides resident concession cards which allows permanent residents of the Shire of East Pilbara to access the Long Term Car Parks at Newman Airport at no cost for up to 14 days per annum.

How To Use

The Permits provided are “Proximity Cards” this meaning that they Do Not get inserted into any Car Parking Equipment but waved in front of the Proximity Reader located on each Car Park Terminal.

Cards are to be handled with care any lost, damaged or stolen cards must be reported to the Shire of East Pilbara immediately to ensure the card is cancelled and replaced and to avoid unnecessary costs that may be associated to the misuse of parking permits, to do so you must provide staff with the applicable serial number of the card in question.

Please keep a record of your card type and serial number for reference, the 5 digit serial number can be found at the bottom of each card.

Please follow all parking procedures associated to Newman Airport and Local/State Traffic laws. Cards can only be used in an Entry then Exit sequence, failure to abide by this may result in the Car Park System Blocking Card use, if this occurs you must use the intercom button located on any one of our Car Park Devices to contact a Parking representative to have it amended.

Corporate Cards Enquiries

Please email if you have a corporate card enquiry.

Transport Services

Rental Cars

Avis 08 9175 1221
Budget 08 9175 1888
Europcar 08 9175 0655
Hertz 08 9177 8779
Thrifty 08 9177 8757

Taxi Number

Newman Whaleback Taxi Service : 0438 666 555 / 0438 555 666
Newman Maxi Taxi : 0448 423 470

About Us

Newman Airport is owned and operated by The Shire of East Pilbara and serves as a vital link between the community of Newman and surrounding communities to Perth.
Located some 11km south of the town of Newman, more than 430,000 passengers have been known to pass through this airport per annum, with almost 50 Regular Public Transport (RPT) flights per week between Newman and Perth.

For information on the current flight schedules and arrivals/departures please contact your airline.
The town sites of Marble Bar and Nullagine both contain airstrips that are owned and operated by the Shire of East Pilbara. Marble Bar has a sealed runway and Nullagine gravel. These facilities provide vital air links to the respective towns, with the RFDS, Police, and local charter operators all relying on these airstrips for the provision of vital services to the communities.

For further information on these airstrips please refer to the latest edition of the En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA).


What Are The Airport Business Hours?

The Management Office is open subject to normal Shire of East Pilbara office hours.

The Airport precinct is open 24 hours per day for tenants and their guests.

The car parks are operational continuously.

The Terminal is open only during active flight times. When the flight schedule does not indicate a current flight arrival or departure, the terminal may be inaccessible to patrons and guests.

Does Newman Airport Have More Than One Terminal?

There is one main terminal at Newman Airport, all regular passenger transport services operate from the main passenger Terminal.

There are a number of general aviation and rotor wing operations that have passenger facilitation buildings at Newman Aerodrome please contact the airline or company directly for further details.

Do We Need To Book Ahead To Use The Car Park?

Booking is not required for any of the car parks. At the car park entry, simply take a ticket to enter.

To collect your car, use the same ticket to exit by first paying at the pay machine located in the terminal or in the car park. Alternatively, you can insert a credit card at the car park gate (Mastercard or Visa) and exiting. The balance will be charged directly to your card and a receipt will print. We encourage the use of credit cards to save time, reduce paper ticket consumption, and lost ticket issues.

Where May I Wait To Collect Passengers?

No parking is permitted anywhere on the roads or areas around the airport except in the public car parks provided. Free parking is available for 1 hour in the short term parking area immediately in front of the terminal. For security reasons unauthorised parking anywhere outside the designated parking areas may expose you to a fine or your vehicle may be towed away if unattended.

How Do I Find Out If My Flight Is Delayed?

Contact your airline directly.

Who Can I Contact Regarding Lost Property?

To enquire about property left on board your airline, please contact the airline directly.

To enquire about property left on the airport premises, please contact the ground handler, North West Aviation or the Newman Airport Management Office. Please note Newman Airport Management office hours are Monday-Friday 08:30am and closes at 04:30 pm.

Are Lockers Provided In The Terminal?

No. For security reasons the Airport cannot be responsible for passenger belongings.

May I Leave My Car Keys With Airport Staff Or In Vehicles?


Is There Internet Access Available At Newman Airport?

Yes. Please find Newman Airport Wi-Fi in your available networks on your phone. Connect and follow the prompts.

What Time Should I Check-In Before My Flight Departs?

Please check with the airline you are travelling with for more specific check-in requirements as check-in times vary between the airlines.

How Much Can My Luggage Weigh?

For information on check-in baggage allowances, please contact the airline you are flying with direct as each airline has their own baggage allowances.

Security - General

A number of general Airport Security related questions can be answered by clicking here.

Unattended Baggage

Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious. All belongings should be clearly tagged with your contact details and your destination displayed on the outside. Airlines supply luggage tags for this purpose and are available at the check-in counters. Ensure that you pack your own bags and never take items on board an aircraft for other people.

Security Related Threats

Passengers and airport visitors are warned that all threats and comments made about the carrying of weapons or explosives - whether intended as a joke or not – will be taken seriously and may result in refusal of carriage onto the flight and prosecution by the Australian Federal Police.

Bladed implements such as knives, letter openers, sharp scissors and tools are prohibited in hand luggage. These items should instead be packed in your checked luggage for air travel.

If these items are not surrendered at the screening points the passenger is in breach of Australian Government regulations and the airline will not allow the passenger to travel. Please ensure no items are in your hand luggage before reaching the screening point otherwise detection of these items at screening points will require you to surrender these.

Items that are most frequently surrendered at Security Screening points include: (these are not links)

  • Knives
  • Tools
  • Swiss Army Knives / Leatherman
  • Sporting items
  • Scissors
  • Letter Openers
  • Lighters / Matches
  • Razor Blades
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Box cutters / Stanley Knives
  • Cable Ties
  • Aerosols
  • Kitchen / Cooking Equipment
  • Imitation firearms / toys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Fireworks / Sparklers

May I Consume Alcohol At Newman Airport?

Alcohol is only permitted through purchase in licensed area at Bar 68 in the Departures lounge in Newman Airport.

History of Newman Airport

Newman Airport is owned and operated by The Shire of East Pilbara and serves as a vital link between the community of Newman and surrounding communities to Perth. As the only inland public airport within the Pilbara, this airport also serves as preferred alternate airport to all the privately owned and operated jet airports within its catchments area, including flights originating from Broome and East Coast origins.

Located some 11km south of the Town of Newman, more than 430,000 passengers have been known to pass through this airport per annum, with almost 50 Regular Public Transport (RPT) flights per week between Newman and Perth.

Originally constructed by BHP Billiton as a dedicated mine site airstrip in 1968, Ansett commenced operations into Newman in 1968 using F-28 aircraft.

At that time the airport had very limited service delivery infrastructure, and the actual “terminal” consisted of a donga, later converted to a hire car office when Ansett constructed a proper terminal in 1988.

This terminal served as RPT Terminal until 2009 when the new RPT Terminal was commissioned. Since then it has been converted into Airport Management Offices. It also accommodates an RFDS patient transfer station.

In conjunction with the F-28 services, Ansett introduced the first jet service in 1990 using Bae-146 aircraft until the withdrawal of the F-28s in 1998. Until the demise of Ansett in September 2001 the Bae146 aircraft continued to serve the Newman – Perth route.

In April 1996 the Shire of East Pilbara Council assumed responsibility for the ownership and management of Newman Airport through a normalization agreement with BHP Billiton. However, it was only after the demise of Ansett that Council was able to acquire the terminal building as well in a cash transaction from the Ansett administrators.

Following the Ansett demise in September 2001 Qantaslink commenced operations into Newman with Bae-146 aircraft. By the end of 2001 Qantaslink secured a three-year contract with BHP Billiton and introduced B717 aircraft onto this route.

July 2002 saw the establishment of permanent refueling facilities by Air BP, with Polar aviation becoming the first Air Operator tenant at this airport with the establishment of a base and hangar.

The 9/11 terror attack in the USA triggered new security and screening arrangements to be introduced into the Australian aviation world by December 2002. This prompted a capital investment program estimated at $3.5 million to comply with the changed regulations, resulting in the establishment of sterile areas and screening service in August 2003. Qantas was appointed as the Screening Authority and both the airport and the Screening Authority continued to develop and upgrade security arrangements and infrastructure to comply with the ever stricter regulations.

Skywest entered the market in April 2006 by introducing regular scheduled passenger services into Newman using F50 and F100 aircraft. This service continued until late 2008 when Skywest withdrew this service. However, the market void was soon to be filled by Virgin Australia, introducing the Embraer E190 on regular passenger scheduled services to Newman in 2009.

Following the slump in the resources industry in 2000/2001 and the demise of Ansett in September 2001, Newman Airport saw a drastic reduction in passenger and aircraft movements. However, the subsequent recovery of the resources industry is manifested in the corresponding average growth of more than 28% in passenger numbers since 2004/05. This included a relatively weak growth in 2009 following the GCF.

Confidence in the Resources Industry and forecast growth in aircraft movements and passenger numbers prompted a capital investment program of more than $23 million between 2004 and 2009. This included the construction of a new taxiway and apron, and an upgrade of the runway to accommodate B738 and A320 aircraft. It furthermore included the construction of a new RPT Terminal with full checked- and carry-on baggage and passenger screening facilities, and a dedicated screened RPT Apron with three Code 4C bays.

New RPT Terminal commissioned in February 2009. Newman Airport received the Australian Airport Association’s Award for Aviation Excellence in the category Major Airport of the Year.

Service infrastructures upgrades included the establishment of short- and long terms car parks, and a number of car rental companies as tenants at the airport.

From 2010 to 2012 the focus changed towards the upgrading of landside infrastructure to the value of ± $7.0 million. These capital investment projects saw the establishment of roads and storm water drainage infrastructures and replacement of all essential services networks.

The installation of a solar array on the roof of the RPT Terminal in 2012 consisting of 1,536 panels with the capacity of generating up to 120 kW of power.

On 14 May 2011 the first B737 service between Perth and Newman was introduced; an event that was long awaited and prepared for since 2008.

Paid parking in all car parks was introduced from early 2013.

The boom in the resources sector between 2011 and 2013/14 resulted in unprecedented growth in aircraft and passenger movements through the Newman Airport. Over those three years passenger numbers increased by an average of 35% per annum, with a peak during FY2013/14 of a 43% growth. This necessitated a complete review of the Airport Master Plan to identify the facilities and service delivery infrastructure required to meet this trend.

As interim measure a number of smaller projects were launched to reduce some stress on existing service delivery facilities and infrastructure included an extension to the GA April that included four dedicated helipads, taxi lines and designated parking baks (2012); expansion of the RPT departure lounge (2012); additional check-in countres and expanded baggage make-up facilities (2012); and the Shire of East Pilbara assumed the role of Screening Authority in May 2014.

Disability Access

The accommodation of all patrons of this airport is of paramount importance to Newman Airport. As such our intent is to meet the needs of all travellers, irrespective of their individual state of ability, at every stage of their travelling process through our airport.

Newman Airport acknowledges that all travellers have unique individual needs and requirements, and endeavours to provide all travellers with the services and support they may require during their journey.

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the relevant airline, tenant or the Airport.

Public Wi-Fi Access

Wireless Internet access (Wi Fi) is now available at the RPT Terminal and some surrounding areas, please feel free to enjoy complementary Wi-Fi access during your stay at Newman Airport!

To access this service on your mobile device connect to the open SSID named “Public Wi-Fi Access”

*Terms & Conditions may apply

The Shire of East Pilbara proudly working in conjunction with Cisco Meraki and Blue Networks & Technology to provide this service.

Security Access Control

Authorised Airside Access

Newman Airport is a security controlled airport and airside access is controlled in a number of ways. Authorisation to operate airside for work purposes is given by the Airport Authority (Shire of East Pilbara) and those persons requiring airside access will need to be issued with a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) for temporary access or apply for a Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) for regular work activities.

Newman Airport has received authorisation from the Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs to transfer its ASIC issuing body responsibilities to Veritas Engineering Pty Ltd (Veritas), a Commonwealth authorised ASIC Issuing Body.

From 11 March 2019, Veritas will support all existing Newman Airport issued ASIC card holders. From this date, Veritas will provide you with the necessary support to maintain regulatory obligations associated with the holding of an ASIC.

Should you need a replacement ASIC, or you need to report a conviction of an aviation security relevant offence, report a change of name or address, report a lost or stolen ASIC, or return an expired or cancelled card, please contact Veritas at the address below:


National: 1300 VERITAS (1300 837 482)

Phone: +61 8 9226 0711

Email: [email protected]

If you or your organisation require new or renewal ASIC cards, Veritas can assist you with the application process. Applicants can apply online for an ASIC via Veritas’ website: Applications can also be lodged through Newman Airport who will act as an agent for Veritas. If your company or organisation requires ASIC cards for multiple applicants, please contact Veritas direct ([email protected]) who can help you to establish a corporate account to facilitate processing of multiple applications. Newman Airport remains the authority for airside access control and as such all persons requiring an ASIC in the performance of their duties at the airport are to contact the Airport Management Office.

At Newman Airport we endeavour to make your trip as easy and hassle free as possible. Please contact your airline or the Newman Airport Management Office should you have any security related questions.

Should you need to enter a security area to perform works, please contact the Newman Airport Management Office.

Airport Works And Contractors

If you are performing any type of work, maintenance or contracting on the airport you must report to Reception in the Airport Management Office. Here we will determine how we can assist. You may not perform any contractor’s job on the airport unless you have reported to Reception in the Airport Management Office first and registered on site by signing the visitor’s book. If it is the first time, please bring photo ID.

To find out more, please contact us.

Working on the Airport Premises

At Newman Airport your safety is very important to us. Comprehensive and frequently updated site awareness material is one of the ways Newman Airport can assist you in being safe whilst on our site and ensure that preventable incidents are minimised.

You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, in accordance with the procedures developed and maintained by your employer, the relevant responsible agencies, incorporating all the relevant rules, regulations and Acts. If you are unsure of anything, you must immediately stop and seek assistance from the relevant personnel as to how to proceed.


Whenever you are working on Newman Airport, you must be prepared to produce: (not links)

  • Photo Identification
  • Airport white card
  • Trade registration
  • Any plant/machinery licenses you are required to operate when requested

For driving airside, you need an Airside Driving Authority (ADA). Please speak to the Airport Admin Office in this regard.

Works Permits

You need an onsite-pass from Newman Airport to perform any work, inspection or service on the airport even if you have a purchase order or have been awarded the contract to deliver the service.

You must be authorized to go Airside. Whilst Airside you must prominently display a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) or Visitor Identification Card (VIC). All VIC’s must be returned prior to leaving the site.

Please report to the Airport Admin Office to get your permit or VIC card prior to all future work.

Airport Administration Office : 08 9177 8964 / UHF 20

Contact Us

The Shire Of East Pilbara And Newman Airport Management Can Be Contacted At The Following:

The Shire of East Pilbara Newman Airport Management Office (08) 9177 8964

Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday
[email protected]
The Shire of East Pilbara Town Administration Centre (08) 9175 8000

Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday
[email protected]
Emergency Services Contacts Aerodrome Reporting Officer 0409 483 651  

Note: The ARO mobile number is monitored 24hrs a day and should be your first point of contact should you require the services of a Aerodrome Reporting Officer.

Alternatively you can call the Shire of East Pilbara Newman Airport Offices (after hours please follow the prompts)

The Following Are The Direct Service Providers At Newman Airport:

Ground Handler Northwest Aviation Services (08) 9175 0649/51 [email protected]
Security MSS Security 0401 776 218 [email protected]


Qantas/Qantaslink, Virgin Australia and Alliance currently operate scheduled jet services to and from Newman. These services link Newman directly to Perth.

For all airline related queries please contact the relevant airline:

Qantas 131313
Virgin Australia 13 67 89
Alliance Airlines 1300 780 970

Rental Cars:

Avis 08 9175 1221
Budget 08 9175 1888
Corefleet 08 9175 1421
Europcar 08 9175 0655
Hertz 08 9177 8779
Thrifty 08 9177 8757
Pilbara Car & Truck 13 32 91


Airservices Australia (08) 9130 7120
Polar Aviation 0419 955 210