Community Assistance Grants

The Shire of East Pilbara’s Community Assistance Grants are available to help grow and develop local community groups, events and programs for the broader community to participate in and enjoy. Applications are available to organisations involved in arts, culture, sport, recreation and education.

Fast-Track Grants

Each Fast-Track Grant is up to $1,000.00 and is comprised of either cash and/or in-kind contribution. Fast-Track Grants can be applied for at any time in the financial year with recipients being able to receive a Fast-Track Grant a maximum of two times per financial year.

Please be aware that Fast Track Grants will not be reviewed between 15th - 26th September 2022.

For urgent enquiries, please contact Emma Landers on 9175 8000 or

Excellence Grant

The Excellence Grant can be up to $500.00 and is for young people ages under 30, to provide the opportunity to develop personally or professionally in the areas of:

  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Education
  • Social Development or
  • Inclusion

Applicants may only receive the Excellence Grant once per year.

Please be aware that Excellence Grants will not be reviewed between 15th - 26th September 2022.

For urgent enquiries, please contact Emma Landers on 9175 8000 or

Annual Grant

The Community Annual Grants are currently under review. Please stay tuned.

The Annual Grant is up to $10,000.00 and is available once a year. Annual Grants are approved by Council and allow ongoing events to apply for multi-year funding.

Preference will be given to applications that benefit to assist a target group or activity identified in Council’s Strategic Community Plan.

Strategic Community Plan

Does your application align with the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan’s Key Results and Outcomes?

Outcome: A diverse and sustainable regional economy
Objectives Strategies
Develop and promote a diverse and sustainable economy Actively support local businesses
Lobby, advocate and facilitate corporate partnership to support economic growth
The Shire is a great place for tourists

Explore partnership opportunities to promote the region
Facilitate, support and promote the Shire’s unique Arts, Culture and History
Develop events relevant to the region to attract visitors
Outcome: Harmonious communities sharing strong community connections
Objectives Strategies
Promote and facilitate safe and healthy Communities Support healthy and safe lifestyle choices
Support local sporting clubs and community organisation
Build a vibrant community Facilitate community connectedness and inclusion
Advocate and partner to improve access to services Facilitate services for families and children, youth and aged (inclusive of all demographic types including people living with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and LGBTI)
Outcome: Connected and accessible communities
Objectives Strategies
Optimise places to live, work and enjoy

Improve local amenity
Provide and maintain open spaces for the community to recreate and connect
Maintain and facilitate community infrastructure and urban heritage, including roads and building
Plans for the future Create liveable places through local area planning
Facilitate  the release of land for diverse and inclusive housing options, industrial and commercial use
Outcome: Valued iconic Pilbara environmental assets and biodiversity
Objectives Strategies
Protect and sustain our natural resources Ensure efficient, effective and innovative waste services to reduce, reuse and recycle
Increase community awareness of appropriate water and energy use
Preserve the unique local ecological biodiversity and ecosystems Conserve natural vegetation, green spaces and bushland
Lobby for the protection of environment assets and sites of indigenous significance
Outcome: Demonstrated accountability and corporate governance
Objectives Strategies
Provide efficient, accountable and ethical governance

Enhance governance capability to deliver sustainable outcomes roads and buildings
Strengthen customer service
Provide a great place to work
Strong Shire identity and regional capacity Increase the Shire’s identity and profile through communication, partnerships and lobbying/advocacy
Preserve, enhance and celebrate the Shire’s history and culture