Private Swimming Pools

All pools and spas whether temporary, permanent, above ground or below ground in the Shire of East Pilbara are required to have building approval and compliant safety barriers. Safety barriers must be compliant with the Building Regulations 2012 as amended and the Australian Standard 1926.1 - 1993.

Pools or spas installed on or after 5 November 2001 are required to have an isolation fence. There must be an approved fence and/or gate between any door and the pool or spa area.

Pools or spas installed before 5 November 2001 are required to restrict access from the house, neighbours, and road. Doors are permitted to lead directly into the pool area but must be compliant with Australian Standard 1926.1 - 1993.

From 1 September 2007, all new swimming pools and spas are required to be covered by a blanket to reduce water evaporation and accredited with the Smart Approved Watermark as required under the Building Amendment Regulations (No.3) 2007).

Details of the requirements for Safety Barriers for New Private Swimming Pools & Spas is shown on the attached information sheet.

New Private Swimming Pools & Spas Safety Barriers

Other more detailed information is available from the Department of Housing and Works web site and the Royal Life Saving Society website.


All swimming pools/spas in Western Australia are required to be inspected by a Pool Inspector authorised by the Local Government at least once each four years. Authorised Pool Inspectors have a legal right of entry onto your property to conduct these inspections with or without notice.

Pool Inspections are generally undertaken as part of a four yearly program funded by an annual fee added to the Shire rates on properties with pools.

The Shire can undertake other inspections outside of this inspection program by appointment from Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made by contacting the Shire's Building Service on 9175 8000. A fee of $50 will apply.

Removal of Pools or Spas

The Shire needs to be advised when pools or spas are removed from properties so that the pools are deleted from the Inspection Program, please see the attached forms.

Rules for Pools and Spas

Checklist for Swimming Pool Inspection

Pool Removal Notification Form

Thinking of installing a swimming pool or spa? Fact Sheet