Public Building Safety

Public buildings are defined as a building or place where an assembly of people congregate for a specific purpose at a specific time and includes, but is not limited to, hotel and tavern function areas, clubs, auditoriums, recreation centres, halls, gyms, churches and sporting facilities.

Public buildings must comply with the Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992. Environmental Health Officers assess the adequacy of emergency escapes, ventilation, toilets and certify the maximum number of people that are allowed to congregate in a public building area at any one time.

If you are constructing, establishing or amending a public building, you will need to obtain Council approval prior to commencing work.

Guidelines on Public Buildings are available. To obtain your copy, contact the Manager Development Services - Health on (08) 9175 8000.

To view the Public Building Emergency Evacuation Guidelines, please visit the Department of Health WA website.