Management/Staff Contact Details


Managers Contact Details
Managers Designation Email Address
Sylvana Caranna Manager People and Culture [email protected]
Shiwani Nair Manager Aviation Services [email protected] 
David Basil  Manager Operations [email protected]
Natasha Ambrey Manager Waste Services [email protected] 
Honey Inia Manager Customer Experience  [email protected] 
Paul Miller Senior Manager Recreation & Community Projects [email protected]
Shane Hayes Manager Activation and Events [email protected] 
Peter Edward Manager Building Approvals & Compliance [email protected]
Rosina Davidson-Tuck Manager Community Services [email protected]
Chris Scanlan Manager Community Safety [email protected]
Steve Gould Manager Strategy and Partnerships [email protected] 
John O'Neill Manager Economic Development, Tourism and Holiday Parks [email protected]
Malcolm Somers Manager Strategic & Statutory Planning [email protected]
Brent Downes Manager Place - Marble Bar [email protected] 
Joshua Brown Manager Governance, Risk & Procurement [email protected] 
Thomas Gorman Manager Corporate Services [email protected] 
Peter Smith Manager Digital Transformation [email protected] 

Other Staff

Staff Contact Details
Staff Contact Details Email Address
Technical & Development Services [email protected]
Accounts Payable [email protected]
Accounts Receivable [email protected]
Rates [email protected]
Customer & Administration Services [email protected]
Financial Services [email protected]
Community Wellbeing [email protected]
Recreation and Events [email protected]
Building Services [email protected]
Environmental Health Services [email protected]
Planning Services [email protected]
Property Services [email protected]
Airport Services [email protected]
Ranger Services [email protected]
Parks & Gardens [email protected]
Employment [email protected]