Gifts Register

On 20 October 2019, the new gifts framework contained within the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019, came into operation.

In accordance with sections 5.87A and 5.87B of the Act, council members and CEO's are required to disclose gifts that are received in their capacity as a council membr or CEO and:

  • are valued over $300; or
  • are of a cumulative value that exceeds $300 where the gifts are received from the same donor within a 12 month period.

Contributions to travel costs, whether financially or not, will no longer be treated seperatley.

All gifts must be disclosed within 10 days and the CEO must publish an up-to-date register on the website.

Gift Register
Name of person making disclosure Description of gift Name and address of person who made gift Date gift was received Estimated value of gift at time it was made Nature of relationship between person who made gift and person who received gift For a gift that is a travel contribution - description and date of travel For an excluded gift under s.5.62(1B)(a): the date of the approval refereed to in s.5.62(1B)(a)(ii) and the reasons for the approval
Stephen Leeson, Executive Manager Corporate Services LG Professionals Finance Professionals Conference: Vendor Prize, drawn at random. Engaging with vendors towards potential support and opportunities for the Shire of East Pilbara, conference delegate names are drawn at random. I won 2 prizes, gave one to Mingenew attendee. David Egerton
Asset Val X X X QLD X Australia
11/03/2021 $150.00 Sought information towards potential service offerings
Christopher Sumners, Ranger 700ml Rosanna Stojic
SAFE NEWMAN 1604 Willis Street Newman WA 6753 Australia
29/12/2020 $39.00 Taking care of pound rehome animals for longer period of time during Christmas holiday break.
Christopher McNamara, Economic Development Manager Lunch with the Hon Ben Wyatt, Minister for Lands, Treasurer and Aboriginal Affairs in Perth as a guest of Albemarle Lithium. David Parker
Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd PO Box 7243 Closter Square Perth Perth WA 6000 Australia
27/11/2020 $100.00 Work Colleague
Geraldine Parsons, Councillor Gift Basket - Wine, Wine Glass, Diffuser, Candle and Hand Creams. A thank you for attending and speaking at PROK's grand opening in Newman. Wade Guelfi
PROK Conveyor Components Pty Ltd 295 Collier Road 285 Collier Road Bayswater WA 6053 Australia
10/09/2020 $100.00 Nil
Stacey Smith, Councillor NCCI Award Ticket. I was asked to attend the local awards dinner. Tania Tucker
NCCI 7/46 Iron Ore Parade Newman WA 6753 Australia
07/09/2020 $90.00 Business related as I support Local Businesses they sponsor.
Jeremy Edwards, CEO NCCI Business Awards Tickets x 2. Shire of East Pilbara is a major sponsor of the event. Received 2 x tickets for myself and my wife (Amanda Edwards). Tickets are $90 each. Tania Tucker
Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Newman WA 6753 Australia
03/09/2020 $90.00 Manager of NCCI
Karen Louise Lockyer, Councillor Event Ticket. Attending Local Event. Tania Tucker
Newman Chamber of Commerce Iron ore Parade Newman WA 6753 Australia
01/09/2020 $100.00 Sponsor Recipient
Kylie Bergmann, Coordinator Governance Plastic straws/cups/ lids. The Newman Aquatic Centre has discontinued use of the slushy machine and was therefore donating surplus straws/cups/ lids that they no longer required. Kandyse Webley
Newman Aquatic Centre C/- Shire of East Pilbara PMB 22 Newman WA 6753 Australia
26/08/2020 $50.00 Co-workers
Shanna Stroud, Executive Assistant to CEO Ticket to Newman Vets Celebrity Event. The shire was gifted tickets. Nathan Kemp
Newman Vets c/Shire Newman WA 6753 Australia
21/08/2020 $50.00 Nil
Julie Tracey, Infrastructure Services Administration Officer. Newman VETS shirt and celebrity match ticket. Email was sent out to all staff to see who wanted to go. I was chosen. Jeremy Edwards
Shire of East Pilbara PMB 22 Newman WA 6753 Australia
21/08/2020 $100.00 CEO