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Short Term Parking

The Short Term car park is located just 20 metres from the terminal and is dedicated to light vehicles/ sedans without trailers. This car park is ideal for dropping off and picking up visitors, or for those travelling on short trips.

The first hour is free in the Short Term car park, meaning you have plenty of time to farewell or greet family and friends. There are a total of 165 bays in Short Term car park.

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Long Term Parking

The Long Term car park is located only 100 metres from the terminal and can be used by all vehicles.

Larger or longer vehicles are only permitted in the Long Term car park and must use this area for parking, drop-offs and pickups. This include all long vehicles such as buses, trucks, mini buses, minivans, coasters, boats, caravans and motor-homes or any vehicle with a trailer.

The first thirty minutes are free in the Long Term car park, with a total 423 bays available.

All long vehicles must use the designated drop-off/pickups area located in the long term car park. Bays D1 and D13 are designated for “Shuttle Buses” and are clearly marked and located as the drop-off/pickup area for buses, mini buses, minivans, coasters, etc.

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Parking Fee

The Newman Airport car parks charging based on whether you select short or long term parking.

Short Term PARKING Long Term PARKING
0 -1 HOUR FREE 0-30 Minutes FREE
1 - 2 HOURS $4 30 Minutes - 7 days $12/day
2 - 3 HOURS $5 DAYS 8 - 14 $10/day
3 - 4 HOURS $7 DAYS 15 AND AFTER $8/day
4 - 5 HOURS $8    
5 - 6 HOURS $9    
6 - 7 HOURS $13    
7 - 8 HOURS $15    
8 - 9 HOURS $16    
9 - 10 HOURS $17    
10 - 24 HOURS $22    

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Parking Fees Calculator

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

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How to Pay For Tickets

A ticket is issued upon entry to the car park, with payment calculated from your time of entry. The automated pay machines offer cash and credit/debit payment options (Visa and Master Card). There are two pay stations in the Newman Airport arrivals area, and two more at the entrance to the Long Term car park.

Alternatively, to avoid the queues you may use your credit/debit card at the exit gate with a receipt automatically issued upon exit.

A 24-hour assistance service is available at each pay station and exit gate to assist if you have any problems with your ticket or payment.

Please find the pay station on our airport map .

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Drop-Off lane in Terminal Area

No "STOPPING" is allowed along the kerb immediately in front of the terminal and as marked and signed. A "DROP-OFF" area is located further along the kerb where vehicles may only stay in the marked and signed area for a maximum of 2 minutes and must be attended at all times.

Vehicles for passenger pickups are NOT allowed entry to this area. Please use the Short Term Car Park for this purpose.

Taxis can access this area and are allocated parking bays.

Authorised vehicles only are allowed access to the freight shed on this laneway. This includes light vehicles/sedans dropping off or picking up pets only.

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Resident Parking Concession

The Shire provides resident concession cards which allows permanent residents of the Shire of East Pilbara to access the Long Term Car Parks at Newman Airport at no cost for up to 14 days per annum.

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How to Use

The Permits provided are “Proximity Cards” this meaning that they Do Not get inserted into any Car Parking Equipment but waved in front of the Proximity Reader located on each Car Park Terminal.

Cards are to be handled with care any lost, damaged or stolen cards must be reported to the Shire of East Pilbara immediately to ensure the card is cancelled and replaced and to avoid unnecessary costs that may be associated to the misuse of parking permits, to do so you must provide staff with the applicable serial number of the card in question.

Please keep a record of your card type and serial number for reference, the 5 digit serial number can be found at the bottom of each card.

Please follow all parking procedures associated to Newman Airport and Local/State Traffic laws. Cards can only be used in an Entry then Exit sequence, failure to abide by this may result in the Car Park System Blocking Card use, if this occurs you must use the intercom button located on any one of our Car Park Devices to contact a Parking representative to have it amended.

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Corporate cards enquiries

Please fill in this form for company airport parking cards enquiries :