Running a Business from Home

The Basics

This page gives you information on running a home-based business in the Shire of East Pilbara. If all you need is access to forms, click on the links below.

Note that BOTH forms need to be completed and returned with an application fee of $222.00 ($666.00 if the business is currently operating without an approval).

Application for Development Approval Form
Additional Information for Home-Based Business Form

Why allow home-based business?

Given the Shire's isolated nature, the operation of home-based businesses allows for a greater range of goods and services to be available. Whilst allowing home-based business can be a positive for the local economy, it is critical that a business is not operated in a manner that impacts on residential amenity.

The Shire allows for limited operation of home-based business in a manner that ensures residential amenity is not undermined. To protect this, there are number of controls that are in place, such as:

  • Limiting the amount of space that can be used in a dwelling for a business;
  • Not permitting the retail sale or display of goods;
  • Ensuring the house remains used primarily as a residence;
  • Not permitting types of businesses that would emit noise, odour, vibration, dust, etc. in such a way that would affect neighbouring properties; and
  • Ongoing monitoring and annual renewal of approvals to ensure the business continues to operate in a manner that does not impact on residential amenity.

What types of home based businesses are allowed?

The Shire allows three types of home-based business, with the controls and approval processes reflecting the type of activity and the impact on residential amenity. The three types are home office, home occupation and home business.

The table below summarises the limitations on operating the three types of home-based business:

What are the approval requirements for home-based businesses?

The table below summarises the process required for each of the home-based business types:

Can I sell goods by retail from a house?

No, the Town Planning Scheme expressly prohibits the retail sale, display or hire of any nature from the dwelling. However, you are able to run a business where the goods are ordered by a customer and then delivered to them.

Do I need Shire approval to run a garage sale or to sell goods online?

Where you are having a "One Off" sale of goods that you no longer need, Shire approval is not required. The trigger point for Shire involvement is where you purchase goods with the intent to on-sell them in an on-going and regular manner.

Do I need approval to run a mobile business from home?

No, as long as you don't have client or customer visitation to the home or operate in a manner that impacts on neighbouring properties (e.g. noise, dust, traffic).

What do I need to do to get Shire approval?

You will need to complete both a development application form and a home occupation additional information form and lodge these together with payment of $222. The Shire may also ask for a cover letter outlining in more detail the nature of the business you wish to operate.

Oops! I started without getting approval. What now?

If you started to operate the business without approval, the Shire will give you an opportunity to obtain Retrospective Approval. The fee for a Retrospective Approval is $666.00, so it is better to seek permission first rather than incur a more complicated approval process.

I rent the home I live in, can I still obtain approval?

Yes, but you will need the owner of the property (or an agent acting on their behalf) to sign the application form or provide written authorisation.

Properties owned or managed by BHP Billiton Iron Ore are subject to an internal home business approval process that must be completed prior to the lodgement of the Shire application.

How do I renew my annual approval?

The Shire will inform you prior to the expiry date and invite you to renew. However, if you have not received your renewal request prior to expiry, please contact the Shire to ensure we have your correct contact details.