Caravanning & Camping On Private Land

A moveable dwelling is any form of mobile dwelling which can be licensed under the Road Traffic Act 1974, and includes a caravan, campervan, bus, caravanette or similar, but does not include a park home.

When do I need a Permit?

Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997, Part 2 - Caravanning and camping generally, Regulation 11(2) - Camping other than at a caravan park or camping ground, states that written approval may be given for a person to camp on land (that has legal right to occupy) for a period:

  • Between 3 nights and 3 months within any period of 12 months by the local government.
  • Longer than 3 months within any period of 12 months by the Minister or up to 12 consecutive months while a building licence issued to that person in respect of the land is in force, by the local government.
  • An application fee of $205.00 including GST, is payable to the Shire of East Pilbara.

Should you wish to apply for a permit to live in a moveable dwelling on residential premises you will need to fill out the form.

For further information on the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Act 1995 click here.

Application for Approval to Camp other than at a Caravan Park.

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