Working on the Airport Premises

At Newman Airport your safety is very important to us. Comprehensive and frequently updated site awareness material is one of the ways Newman Airport can assist you in being safe whilst on our site and ensure that preventable incidents are minimised.

You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, in accordance with the procedures developed and maintained by your employer, the relevant responsible agencies, incorporating all the relevant rules, regulations and Acts. If you are unsure of anything, you must immediately stop and seek assistance from the relevant personnel as to how to proceed.


Whenever you are working on Newman Airport, you must be prepared to produce:

  • Photo Identification
  • Airport white card
  • Trade registration
  • Any plant/machinery licenses you are required to operate when requested

For driving airside, you need an Airside Driving Authority (ADA). Please speak to the Airport Admin Office in this regard.

Works Permits

You need an onsite-pass from Newman Airport to perform any work, inspection or service on the airport even if you have a purchase order or have been awarded the contract to deliver the service.

You must be authorized to go Airside. Whilst Airside you must prominently display a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) or Visitor Identification Card (VIC). All VIC’s must be returned prior to leaving the site.

Please report to the Airport Admin Office to get your permit or VIC card prior to all future work.

Airport Administration Office : 08 9177 8964 / UHF 20