Security Access Control

Authorised Airside Access

Newman Airport is a security controlled airport and airside access is controlled in a number of ways. Authorisation to operate airside for work purposes is given by the Airport Authority (Shire of East Pilbara) and those persons requiring airside access will need to be issued with a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) for temporary access or apply for a Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) for regular work activities.

Newman airport has recently received authorisation from the Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs to transfer its ASIC issuing body responsibilities to Veritas Engineering Pty Ltd (Veritas), a Commonwealth authorised ASIC Issuing Body.
From 11 March 2019, Veritas will support all existing Newman Airport issued ASIC card holders. From this date, Veritas will provide you with the necessary support to maintain regulatory obligations associated with the holding of an ASIC.
Should you need a replacement ASIC, or you need to report a conviction of an aviation security relevant offence, report a change of name or address, report a lost or stolen ASIC, or return an expired or cancelled card, please contact Veritas at the address below:
National: 1300 VERITAS (1300 837 482)
Phone: +61 8 9226 0711
If you or your organisation require new or renewal ASIC cards, Veritas can assist you with the application process. Applicants can apply online for an ASIC via Veritas’ website: Applications can also be lodged through Newman Airport who will act as an agent for Veritas. If your company or organisation requires ASIC cards for multiple applicants, please contact Veritas direct ( who can help you to establish a corporate account to facilitate processing of multiple applications. Newman Airport remains the authority for airside access control and as such all persons requiring an ASIC in the performance of their duties at the airport are to contact the Airport Management Office.

At Newman Airport we endeavour to make your trip as easy and hassle free as possible. Please contact your airline or the Newman Airport Management Office should you have any security related questions.

Should you need to enter a security area to perform works, please contact the Newman Airport Management Office.

Airport Works and Contractors

If you are performing any type of work, maintenance or contracting on the airport you must report to Reception in the Airport Management Office. Here we will determine how we can assist. You may not perform any contractor’s job on the airport unless you have reported to Reception in the Airport Management Office first and registered on site by signing the visitor’s book. If it is the first time, please bring photo ID.

To find out more, please contact us.