Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the contacts on our Contacts List.

The Management Office is open subject to normal Shire of East Pilbara office hours.

The Airport precinct is open 24 hours per day for tenants and their guests.

The car parks are operational continuously.

The Terminal is open only during active flight times. When the flight schedule does not indicate a current flight arrival or departure, the terminal may be inaccessible to patrons and guests.

There is one main terminal at Newman Airport, all regular passenger transport services operate from the main passenger Terminal. Please note the positions on our Newman Airport Diagram .

There are a number of general aviation and rotor wing operations that have passenger facilitation buildings at Newman Aerodrome please contact the airline or company directly for further details.

Booking is not required for any of the car parks. At the car park entry, simply take a ticket to enter.

To collect your car, use the same ticket to exit by first paying at the pay machine located in the terminal or in the car park. Alternatively, you can insert a credit card at the car park gate (Mastercard or Visa) and exiting. The balance will be charged directly to your card and a receipt will print. We encourage the use of credit cards to save time, reduce paper ticket consumption, and lost ticket issues.

Please visit our Car Parking Calculator for details of applicable charges.

No parking is permitted anywhere on the roads or areas around the airport except in the public car parks provided. Free parking is available for 1 hour in the short term parking area immediately in front of the terminal. For security reasons unauthorised parking anywhere outside the designated parking areas may expose you to a fine or your vehicle may be towed away if unattended.

Refer to the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) either on the Newman Airport website or inside the terminal. Alternatively you can contact your airline direct.

To enquire about property left on board your airline, please contact the airline directly.

To enquire about property left on the airport premises, please contact the ground handler, North West Aviation or the Newman Airport Management Office. Please note Newman Airport Management office hours are Monday-Friday 08:30am and closes at 04:30 pm.

No. For security reasons the Airport cannot be responsible for passenger belongings.

Yes. Please find Newman Airport WIFI in your available networks on your phone. Connect and follow the prompts.

Please check with the airline you are travelling with for more specific check-in requirements as check-in times vary between the airlines.

For information on check-in baggage allowances, please contact the airline you are flying with direct as each airline has their own baggage allowances.

A number of general Airport Security related questions can be answered by clicking the travel secure.

Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious. All belongings should be clearly tagged with your contact details and your destination displayed on the outside. Airlines supply luggage tags for this purpose and are available at the check-in counters. Ensure that you pack your own bags and never take items on board an aircraft for other people.

Passengers and airport visitors are warned that all threats and comments made about the carrying of weapons or explosives - whether intended as a joke or not – will be taken seriously and may result in refusal of carriage onto the flight and prosecution by the Australian Federal Police.

Bladed implements such as knives, letter openers, sharp scissors and tools are prohibited in hand luggage. These items should instead be packed in your checked luggage for air travel.

If these items are not surrendered at the screening points the passenger is in breach of Australian Government regulations and the airline will not allow the passenger to travel. Please ensure no items are in your hand luggage before reaching the screening point otherwise detection of these items at screening points will require you to surrender these.

Items that are most frequently surrendered at Security Screening points include:

  • Knives
  • Tools
  • Swiss Army Knives / Leatherman
  • Sporting items
  • Scissors
  • Letter Openers
  • Lighters / Matches
  • Razor Blades
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Box cutters / Stanley Knives
  • Cable Ties
  • Aerosols
  • Kitchen / Cooking Equipment
  • Imitation firearms / toys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Fireworks / Sparklers

It is an offence to bring or consume alcohol at Newman Airport. Any driver found to supply alcohol for consumption by them or their passengers, or supply on behalf of a passenger within the airport boundary will face immediate removal from the airport and be reported to Police.