Upcoming works in Newman

Published on Thursday, 31 March 2022 at 10:51:38 AM

  • Work at the Town Square will commence Friday 1st April, at 10am.
    • Work will consist of steam cleaning concrete furniture and paths and the applying of two clear coats of sealer.
    • The work is expected to continue until completion, which is expected to be Tuesday 5th April.
  • Newman tree planting program will commence Wednesday, 30th March.
    • It will continue throughout the month of April, with 130 trees being planted.
    • Trees will be planted on Kalgan Drive, Newman Drive and Iron Ore Parade.
  • Work at Wilara Park to replace the fencing, will commence on 18th April.
    • It is expected to be completed Friday, 22nd April.
  • A project to replace various information signs around the street of Newman will commence on 11th April.
    • It is expected to be completed prior to 18th April 2022.