Marble Bar Residents - Mosquito Control Product

Published on Thursday, 27 June 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

The Shire of East Pilbara would like to inform residents of recent mosquito activity in and around the town during this winter season. Residents are being reminded to protect themselves from mosquito bites in order to avoid mosquito borne disease.

The Shire continues to carry out monthly treatments of known mosquito breeding sites as part of the East Pilbara Shire’s surveillance program.

A town wide survey was conducted and several septic tanks were found to defective, and were breeding mosquitoes.

The Shire will be providing mosquito control product at the Marble Bar Shire office at no cost, all residents are encouraged to collect o the product and flush it down the toilet on their premises in order to reduce mosquito numbers.

Those residents whose septic tanks are defective will also have to take measures to get them repaired and eliminate these mosquito breeding sources.

You will be provided with 1 litre containers of product, at the Marble Shire Offices. You will need to add water up to the neck of the bottle and shake it, after that you can just pour it in the toilet and flush.

Residents are encouraged to lodge any mosquito complaints by visiting the Shire’s website and lodging an enquiry, or by contacting the Shire offices on telephone numbers (08)9175 8000(Newman) or (08)9176 1008 (Marble Bar).

Your assistance in reducing mosquito numbers and creating a healthy living environment will be greatly appreciated

Jeremy Edwards
Chief Executive Officer