Controlled Waste Disposal

Published on Monday, 23 December 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

According to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s requirements of waste holders (Controlled Waste Fact Sheet), there is a statutory obligation for a person whose apparatus or activities produce controlled waste. They are required to provide to the carrier, information on the type of controlled waste, amount and containment type, and the physical state of the controlled waste.

However, the Shire has observed potentially toxic element concentrations, including traces of hydrocarbons in the liquid waste (LW), discharged at its Liquid Waste Facility located at the Windell Refuse Site premises. For your information, the shock load of hydrocarbons (HC) inhibits the microbial activities that contribute to the treatment process.

Therefore, the Shire will be commencing random sampling of LW presented at its Facility. This notice is to inform all current and potential waste carriers who disposes of LW at the Facility, of the sampling process. The waste carriers are to ensure the LW discharged is consistent with the waste recorded on the controlled waste tracking form (CWTF).

When a load of controlled waste presented at the Facility for unloading does not meet the statutory requirements, the Shire will take appropriate action, including contacting the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. This process and follow-up actions are to ensure the pond is functional, easy to maintain, and sustainable.

Sian Appleton
Acting Chief Executive Officer