Marble Bar Airport Opening Ceremony

Published on Tuesday, 9 April 2024 at 3:14:49 PM

9 April 2024

Marble Bar Airport Opening Ceremony

The Shire of East is pleased to Announce the official opening Marble Bar Airport, scheduled from 10:00am to 11:30am on April 11, 2024. This momentous occasion will culminate years of hard work and collaboration to revitalise and enhance the region's crucial air infrastructure.

The Marble Bar Airport's refurbishment project has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. This included a complete rebuild of the runway, taxiway, and apron area and installing essential amenities such as the Precision Approach Path Indicator Lighting System and perimeter fencing.

Furthermore, the Shire acknowledges and honours the Nyamal people, the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Marble Bar Airport stands. In recognition of their connection to the land, the Shire is collaborating with the Nyamal people to dual-name the airport in both the Nyamal language and English, underscoring a commitment to reconciliation and cultural preservation.

Shire President Anthony Middleton said, "The opening of the Marble Bar Airport is a momentous occasion for our community. This project highlights the Shire’s commitment to fostering partnerships and investing in the region’s future."

"The airport will improve connectivity and open doors to new opportunities for the community members and businesses. It is a symbol of the Shire’s commitment to sustainable development and prosperity."

"The collaboration with the Nyamal people to dual-name the airport Is something we are very proud of and we look forward to seeing this process finalised with CASA.”

“The Shire is also working to secure passenger flights from the site, in collaboration with Calidus.”

The ceremony will serve as a platform to express gratitude to the project's key stakeholders, including Calidus Resources Limited, Atlas Iron, and the Federal Government, whose invaluable support and funding contributions have been instrumental in bringing the vision of the Marble Bar Airport to fruition.

The new CASA approved airport is capable of landing large passenger Jets . The Marble Bar Airport's opening ceremony represents a significant milestone in East Pilbara's journey toward progress, connectivity, and opportunity. These enhancements will bolster regional connectivity and support economic growth, propelling the region into a new era of prosperity and serving as a gateway to boundless possibilities for generations to come.

The ceremony will be free for the community to attend, with refreshments, keynote speeches and giveaways. For further event details and updates, visit


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