Community Alert - Cyclone Ilsa RED status

Published on Thursday, 13 April 2023 at 11:32:33 AM

RED ALERT: Telfer, Punmu, Parnngurr and Kunawarritji

YELLOW ALERT: Inland areas east of Kunawarritji

ALL CLEAR: Marble Bar and Nullagine

What to Do


There is a threat to lives and homes. You are in danger and need to act immediately.

  • Shelter indoors now. It is too late to leave.
  • Stay in the strongest, safest part of the building.
  • Stay away from doors and windows, and keep them closed.
  • Keep your emergency kit with you.
  • Stay indoors until the ALL CLEAR is given by authorities.


You need to take action and get ready to shelter from a cyclone, as there is a possible threat to lives and homes.

  • Put your cyclone plan into action and go to your nearest evacuation centre or safer place.
  • Keep your emergency kit with you.
  • Move vehicles under cover.
  • Fasten cyclone screens, board up or heavily tape exposed windows.
  • Ensure pets and animals are in a safe area.
  • Be aware that shops may now be closing.


Wind and storm surge dangers have passed but you need to take care to avoid the dangers caused by damage.

If returning to a damaged property:

  • It is now safe to return home.
  • If returning, take care on the roads, obey road closure signs and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.
  • Drive slowly and be aware of emergency services personnel who are still working in the area.
  • Be careful of fallen powerlines and trees, broken water and sewerage pipes, loose roof sheeting and other material.
  • Do not walk, swim or play in floodwaters as they are dangerous.
  • Protect your feet with closed shoes.
  • Stack loose material clear of water meters, valves and powerlines.
  • Keep electricity and all electrical and gas appliances turned off until checked by a qualified tradesperson.
  • Never use matches, cigarette lighters or naked flames when entering a building as there may be a gas leak.
  • Take photographs for insurance purposes and contact your insurance company.

Important Numbers

  • For SES assistance call 132 500
  • In a life threatening situation call 000
  • For the latest weather information call 1300 659 210 or visit
  • For information about road conditions and closures contact local Police or Main Roads WA on 138 138.

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