Frequently Asked Questions - Procurement

1) Will my quote or tender be accepted if it is past the closing deadline?

To be fair to all tenderers, submissions that do not arrive by the deadline, cannot be accepted.

2) Can I just email my quote or tender in instead of using the Tenderlink portal?

The request document will specify how your submission has to be submitted. Any submissions received in a method outside of what is in the document cannot be accepted.

3) How do I register for Tenderlink?

Click here for the Shire’s Tenderlink portal home page. When on the Tenderlink home page click on the registration menu towards the top of the website to register.

Registration is free of charge, as is downloading any quote or tender documentation, and submitting your response.

4) I am having trouble using Tenderlink, who do I contact?

For technical issues ring Tenderlink on 1800 233 533 or email them at [email protected].

If you need assistance in accessing tender documentation contact the Shire’s Coordinator Procurement on 08 9175 8000 or by email [email protected].

5) Can I find out who made a Tender submission and how much the awarded Contract was?

Details are available in the Council Minutes which are available from the Shire’s website – please click here, please note that only lump sum pricing will be made public, hourly rates will remain confidential. You can also view the details from the Tender Register details listed above.

6) If my Tender submission is unsuccessful will I be contacted?

The Shire will forward a letter to all unsuccessful Tenders. The letter will contain details of the successful Tenderer.

7) If my Tender submission is unsuccessful can I speak to someone?

If you are unsuccessful you will be offered the opportunity to receive feedback on your submission.

8) Once the tender closes, how long will it be until a decision is made?

The Tender evaluation and award process will generally take between 3-6 weeks, however this can be a longer duration for the more complex tendered projects. Tenders are awarded following approval by Council, unless the CEO has previously been given delegated authority to award the Tender prior to the next Council meeting.

9) I am interested in quoting on work that is less than the Tender threshold, how do I register my interest?

Please send an email to [email protected], including any industry specific Certifications, details on the goods/services your business supplies, provide details about your company (i.e number of employees, years in operation, business locations etc), your current Certificates of Currency for insurance, and we can forward your interest to the relevant Directorate within the Shire.

Suppliers are encouraged to view the Shire's Tendering: Suppliers Guide (2024).