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  • EPIS Incorporated

    EPIS is a not-for-profit organisation servicing those in need in the Inland Pilbara and Western Desert area in Western Australia. We help by providing personal care, transport, respite care, domestic assistance, social support, centre based day care and home-based nursing. EPIS offers a range of basic support services for the frail or aged, people with disabilities and people who have long term medical conditions and their carers. Newman Day Centre (Nyabalee House) - (08) 9175 1666. Marble Bar Day Centre - (08) 9176 1060. Tom Price Day Centre - (08) 9189 2260. Desert Project - 0497 801 192.

    (08) 9175 5179
  • Punturkurna Aborignal Medical Services (PAMS) Newman

    Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service is as a leading not-for-profit organisation highly regarded by clients, funders and donors. It plays an important part in building strong communities and families. It influences policy makers and ensures that health institutions and systems are attuned to the needs of the people in our communities. Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service is a financially secure, well governed, accessible and stable provider of best practice primary health care tailored to meet the needs of its client group.

    (08) 9177 8307
  • St John Ambulance Newman

    St John Ambulance, Newman Sub-Centre is a Not for Profit Organisation that primarily provides an Ambulance Service to the Community and surrounding areas of Newman. The Ambulance Sub-Centre is solely run by a committee of volunteers. Volunteers also fully staff a Day and Night Ambulance which provides 24/7 community coverage. The Newman Sub-Centre is supported by a Community Paramedic who assists on callouts and with training and management of the Sub-Centre. We also provide First Aid training Service and Kit Servicing to the Community of Newman, all proceeds from First Aid Training, Kit Servicing and donations from the public are directly put back into the maintenance and operations of the Ambulance Service in Newman. The Sub-Centre also provides First Aid Posts at community events to ensure an adequate medical service is available for any incidents that may occur at these events.

    (08) 9175 1105