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Newman Day Care Centre

Street Address & Postal Address: Calcott Crs Newman 6753

Main Phone : 08 9175 0589

Email :

Fax : 9175 1951

Newman Day Care Centre is a community based, not for profit, long day care centre which strives to create an environment where children feel safe, secure and supported. We pride ourselves on providing a "Home Away from Home" feel.

The Centre is long established in the community and provides long day care services to children from 8 weeks to 6 years of age.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Centre or would like to enrol your child at Newman Day Care Centre, please contact the Centre Director: Hailey Farrell on 08 9175 0589.



Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 6:45am - 5:30pm

Contact Information

Phone: (08) 9175 5508

The facility was built by the YMCA in partnership with BHP Billiton Iron Ore in 2009 to support the
needs of the local community. The centre has an amazing natural outdoor environment with real
grass, trees, vegetable, a flower gardens and chickens, as well as offering a diverse creative arts
program. The sense of community and homely atmosphere makes our centre a home away from
home. At every opportunity, children are discovering and bringing their learning to life.

We offer places for children from birth to 5 years, we only serve nutritious home-style food and we
pride ourselves on offering extremely affordable fees. The centre is a member of Remida; a creative
reuse centre that supplies recyclable materials to services for children to be creative with and learn
about sustainability.

YMCA Newman Early Learning Centre is also the base for a range of YMCA’s Family Support
Programs, supporting Indigenous families and children in Newman and outlaying communities. We
are committed to improving outcomes for Indigenous children and assisting them in successfully
transitioning into school.