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Town planning Services

Obtain information relating to all Town Planning matters including Signage,Development (Planning)Applications and more... ... read more

Community wellbeing services

Find out about community wellbeing services. ... read more

Street maintenance services

Find out about street maintenance services. ... read more

Waste management services

All about rubbish, recycling and rubbish days. ... read more

Environmental Health and Safety

All about the Shire’s environmental health services. ... read more


Find out about Australian citizenship in the East Pilbara. ... read more

Transport services/Parking in Newman

Transport services including the Newman Airport as well as information and locations for truck and RV parking in Newman.... ... read more

Building services

Find out about building services, applications and guidelines as well as information on fences and swimming pools... ... read more

Community Safety

All you need to know about Emergency Management,Ranger Services as well as safety within our community including CCTV, vandalism, road safety and more... ... read more