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  • Waste Services are launching a Newsletter in August
  • Recycling incursions at Newman Primary School on 15 September
  • Recycling Workshop on 16 September, registrations open soon!
  • Kerbside recycling bin auditing in September
  • Recycling incursions at South Newman Primary School on 17 September
  • Launch of the Container Deposit Scheme on 1 October, which aims to divert a large number of recyclables from landfill
 Let’s get sorted and reduce our contamination!


Did you know?
- The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle can power a computer for 25 minutes.
- Aluminium recycling saves 95% of the energy of primary production.
- The same glass can be recycled a million times over to produce bottles and jars of the same high quality.

Recycling in Newman

What's happening with my recycling in Newman?
As you may be aware, the contents of your kerbside yellow-lid recycling bin is currently not recycled in Newman. This is because contamination rates are too high for contractors to recover resources effectively and the Shire’s recycling infrastructure that is located at the Newman Refuse Site is not fit for purpose.
The Shire's Waste Services Team are working closely with Cleanaway to implement a number of initiatives to help us get back on the right track, see below our roadmap to recycling!
Once contamination rates are low enough, recyclables will be compacted at the Newman Refuse Site and transported to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to be sorted and recovered for recycling.

What is contamination and why is it an issue?‚Äč
When the wrong stuff is put in the recycling bin, it is called contamination. lids-(2).PNG

See the Top 10 Items Contaminating Your Recycling!

The level of contamination in a recycling bin directly affects the recycler’s ability to recover resources effectively. Recyclables with a high level of contamination are not as valuable for sale in secondary markets, resulting in the recyclables being sent to landfill. 

What can I place in my yellow-lid recycling bin?

Download the handy poster 'What Can I Recycle' from CLEANAWAY
Tips to avoid contamination


Where to recycle soft plastics?
The nearest REDcycle collection point is loacted at the Newman Woolworths.