Recycling Print


Starting on April 19th 2017, the processing of collected household recyclables will commence at the Newman Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in a trial designed to gauge the feasibility of operating the facility for the long term.

We encourage Newman residents to utilise their yellow bins exclusively for recyclable material as the Shire begins this trial run.

The amount of waste diverted from landfill relies on us all making sure we place the right recyclable items in the recycling bin. Current contamination from yellow bins is 75%. We need your help to reverse this and reduce it to less than 25%.

The Shire's current kerbside bin collection contractors have recently placed stickers on all yellow bins to highlight what items can and can’t be recycled. 


Contents from your yellow bin are sorted and baled at the Newman MRF and sold for reprocessing.

Items should be LOOSE (not in plastic bags) and if possible, rinsed.



To assist waste and recycling operators in servicing your bin on collection day:
  • Do not overfill your bin (50kg max weight)
  • Do not place items alongside bin
  • On collection day ensure bins are at least 50cm apart from other bins and objects
  • On collection day place your bin with the front of the bin facing the kerb
  • Do not place bins behind parked cars


  • Keep the lid closed to prevent litter
  • Wash your bin regularly to prevent odours
  • Retrieve your bin from the kerb side assoon as possible after collection to avoid bins being damaged, lost or stolen