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Volunteer(s) of 2018

Shire of East Pilbara's valued volunteers were recognised as part of the annual Thank a Volunteer Day event on December 5th.Around 100 people joined the Shire of East Pilbara at the Square to recognise the volunteers who provide an invaluable service to the people of the Newman community. Over 250 certificates of recognition were distributed to community members who volunteer, before being announced as the 2018 Volunteers of the Year:


Volunteer of the Year - Denise Boreham

In a small town like Newman, clubs don't run without dedicated volunteers working hard in their own time. Denise works tirelessly to create better community activities for youth. She is the President of the Little Athletics club and goes above and beyond in support of the Newman swim club, BMX, and the local school committee.

Youth Volunteer of the Year - Lauren Macmillan

Lauren signed up as a Volunteer with St John Ambulance (WA) in January 2018 and to date has volunteered over 1500 hours to help  her community, all whilst maintaining a full time job. Lauren has also helped with co-ordination of the rostering system for the Sub Centre. Lauren is always first to volunteer and help out with community events and on call rostering for our 24/7 ambulance service in Newman.

Volunteer(s) of 2019

Volunteer of the Year – Nathan Kemp

Nathan has been a committed member of the Newman Vets Football Club and through his leadership, he has successfully executed a number of Celebrity Vets matches for the club. Importantly, Nathan has been successful at fundraising which has benefit several clubs in Newman, especially the Newman Netball Association. Even though Nathan does not have any official ties to the sporting club, he is always willing to lend a hand to assist in day to day operations of the organisation. 

Youth Volunteer of the Year – Allie Mallins

Allie is being recognised for various volunteers roles within the Newman Community. As a student in the V Swans Shooting Goals program, Allie has volunteered over 50 hours in different roles including volunteering to take on the role of netball coach for Net Set Go junior netball, Junior Soccer Canteen Events volunteering for International Women’s Day award nights and Newman Rodeo, as well as the involvement with SAFE for rubbish clean ups and feeding the animals at the Lions Park. She is a fantastic role model for young people in Newman.


Active Community Group of the Year – Newman Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service

Newman Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service currently have over 30 active, reserved and supporting volunteer members.The members are always willing to attend community events on behalf of the Brigade, even if that means giving up personal commitments. The members dedicate their time to keeping the community safe by constantly attending training, committing to callouts at all hours of the day/night and engaging with the community wherever possible. Members voluntarily put their life on the line for the safety of others and expect nothing in return. They are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year.