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On Friday the 2nd September, the Shire of East Pilbara will be incorporating its annual Harmony celebrations with Outback Fusion Festival.

Harmony Day aims to celebrate Australia's cultural diversity, it is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone in the community.

The Shire of East Pilbara is seeking expression of interests from local community groups, organisation, and individuals who wishes to share their favourite traditional or cultural dishes with the community. We are currently seeking an array of multicultural cuisines that will take people on a cultural feast around the world. To help make the lunch a success, the Shire will provide funds for all ingredients as well as access to a commercial kitchen.

If you would like to prepare and share a dish representing your own cultural heritage, please complete the form to submit your expression of interest by Friday 5th August at 4:00pm to or call 08 9175 8000 for more information.

Please note - that all food preparation must comply with relevant aspects of the Act, Regulation and Code of the Shire and in consistent with the Department of Health WA, a food menu is also required with your submission.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who supplies the ingredients and what is the budget?

A. The Shire will provide funding at a budget of $500 (negotiable) to purchase ingredients for your dishes, Let us know how many dishes you plan to cook and help us work out how much money is needed.

Q. How many people do I need to cook for?

A. Over 300 people may attend, but there are many dishes on offer so people will sample just a taste of each dish so there is no need to cook for hundreds.

Q. Who will serve the food?

A. We invite you to be involved in sharing your food with the community by serving and answering any questions. Traditional dress is encouraged. However, if you do not want to serve on the day, we will find volunteers to assist.

Q. Can I cook at home?

A. Food prepared in a residential premises for sale or other reasons defined in the Act, such as for charity or fundraising purposes, are also considered to be a food business activity and must comply with relevant aspect of the Act, Regulations and Code. In general, low risk food preparation activities may occur in a residential kitchen where approved by the Shire and where consistent with the Department of Health WA guidelines. Such activities must be approved by the Shire by completing the Food Business Notification/Registration. General low risk food preparations include the making of jams, pickles, cake decorating and
similar products.

Please email your menu through to and we will be able to confirm whether there are any elements that can be prepared at a residential premise. If your dishes are not considered low risk, the Shire will provide access to a commercial kitchen for the preparation of food. There are cooking equipment and refrigeration facilities at each venue to alleviate food transitioning.


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