The Shire of East Pilbara maintains Newman, Marble Bar and Nullagine cemeteries and prepares graves for burials throughout the region, including the Newman Cemetery, Nullagine Cemetery, Marble Bar Cemetery and Marble Bar Pioneer Cemetery (now closed).

Newman Cemetery is located at Cemetery Road, Newman. Nullagine Cemetery is located at 171 Marble Bar Road, Nullagine. The Marble Bar Cemetery is located at Cemetery Road, Marble Bar.

Although the Marble Bar Pioneer Cemetery is now closed, the Shire of East Pilbara may grant permission for burial where special circumstances exist. New burials are usually not permitted. The only interments that can take place at the cemetery are of those persons who have pre-approval or, if a member of the family has been buried at the Marble Bar Pioneer Cemetery. The Shire of East Pilbara may make exceptions in certain cases however, approval must be sought. The burial could proceed if approval has been received from the Minister for Local Government, as well as the Shire of East Pilbara. Should no approval be recieved, no burial can take place.

Flowers and Memorials

The Shire of East Pilbara is responsible for ensuring that these cemeteries are maintained to a standard that is consisent with the overal design and the Cemeteries Local Law 2010.

Families may express their sentiment by placing a plaque at the site as a permanent memorial for their loved one. Flowers may be laid upon the gravesite to commemorate significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Withered flowers may be plced in the receptacles provided at the site. An authorised officer may remove all withered flowers and faded artifical flowers in accordance with the Cemeteries Local Law 2010.

Visitors are reminded that the placement of other items, including vases, statutes, pots and other types of memorial items are not permitted without the prior written approval of an authorised officer. Applications can be made using the forms below.

Application Forms

Please use the links below to view the relevant forms.

Please send your completed application form to the following address, together with payment:

Chief Executive Officer
Shire of East Pilbara
PMB 22

Fees and Charges

Payment can be made over the phone using credit card, by sending a cheque/money order made payable to the "Shire of East Pilbara," or by attending either the Newman Administration Centre or Marble Bar Administration Centre and paying in person.

  • Funeral Directors Annual Licence  $200.00
  • Single Funeral Permit  $55.00
  • Application for Burial  $55.00
  • Late Application for Burial (less than 24 hours notice)  $110.00
  • Grant of Right of Burial  $55.00
  • Burial without a Grant of Right  $55.00
  • Interment in Grave 1.8m Deep (Digging & prep of grave)  $165.00
  • Interment of Child Under 7 years of age in grave 1.8m Deep    $121.00
  • If grave is required to be dug deeper than 1.8m (as for double depth grave )     $110.00
  • Interment of Ashes (in grave site only)     $55.00
  • Interment of Ashes (in addition to existing grave)   $165.00
  • Backfill grave after burial (no charge if Council employees are not required to backfill) $165.00
  • Re-open grave - new interment (only if grave originally was dug to double depth) $165.00
  • Exhumtion of body (Re-opening grave)    $165.00
  • Exhumtion of body - Child under 7 years (Re-opening grave)   $121.00
  • Masons Annual Licence    $30.00
  • Permission to erect a headstone or monument   $22.00
  • Permission to erect a brick grave    $22.00
  • Permission to enclose with a kerb   $22.00