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About the Organisation:

Solid Families is a family support program. We also support the community with inclusive events & activities and community group programs. Supporting families by providing: • One-on-one mentoring and support to young people • Group conversations • Parenting information and one-on-one support • Community events and activities Solid Families is for any children, young people and parents in Newman who want to develop healthier family relationships. Our workers provide one-on-one support, working alongside our clients to tackle hard times and find solutions to problems that will make their families more solid. This is a free service designed to help families use their strengths to become better, happier and healthier, so that children and young people will reach their potential and improve their wellbeing. Our Team: We are flexible, adaptable, accessible and respectful. We work with any and all issues that impact on the wellbeing of children, young people, parents and whole families. We participate in Newman’s community life and work collaboratively with other local organisations.