East Pilbara Dollars Project Print

The Shire of East Pilbara’s 'East Pilbara Dollars' Project which aims to regenerate the local economy by incentivising local spending at local small businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to assist affected local small businesses.

Research shows that when money is spent locally, some of that money is then reinvested into other local stores and so on. This project will aim to facilitate the multiplier effect! Let’s support local!

This project's purpose is to assist local small businesses who have lost revenue due to the current government restrictions in response to COVID-19, by increasing immediate cash flow and generating revenue. We will do this by purchasing gift cards/ vouchers to become 'East Pilbara Dollars' which will be distributed to the community to spend.

$50,000 East Pilbara Dollars will be able to be spent at registered and approved small local businesses.
More information coming soon on how community can win and receive gift cards to spend locally.
We will also be getting in touch with groups and sporting clubs to get them involved! 

Find more about the program, if you’re eligible and the terms and conditions