Community Safety Plan Print

The Community Safety Plan is a result of a partnership between the State Government of Western Australia and the Shire of East Pilbara. It has been developed in partnership with state government agencies and the community.
The plan identifies community safety priorities for the Shire of East Pilbara. It also documents the strategies and activities that will be implemented and evaluated.
The objectives of the Community Safety Plan is to:
• Identify and prioritise local community safety and crime prevention issues of concern.
• Develop strategies, actions, projects and activities to address the issues.
• Develop a method to evaluate and measure the success of addressing each issue.

As a result of the community consultation, the plan will also be a useful tool that can be used by various stakeholders to develop future project opportunities.


Antisocial Behaviour
CCTV in the Shire
Home and Property
Road Safety
Vandalism and Graffiti