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A Building Permit is required if you intend to construct, alter, add to, repair, demolish, or underpin a building. An application form is available for download below and must be submitted with the following:

  • Site plan (2)
  • Full working drawings and specifications (2)
  • Appropriate fees
  • Completed BCITF form for works over $20,000 in value or receipt from BCITF
  • Septic Tank application if area is not sewered
Fees to be paid upon submission of all applications.


Building fees are calculated at 0.32% of the value of the work with a minimum fee of $92. Should the work exceed $20,000 then the BCITF levy fee is calculated at 0.2% of the value of the works inclusive of GST.

All building applications attract a building Service levy on top of the above fees, over $45,000 is 0.09% of work value, under $45,000 is $40.50.



Building fees for Class 1 or Class 10 are calculated at 0.19% of the value of the work, with the BCITF levy fee the same as the Uncertified fee structure. For Class 2 to Class 9 is calculated at 0.09% of the value of the work with BCITF.

Building Service Levy applies as above.

Application Forms

Applications forms are available for download on the Building Commission Website.

For further information on building Permits, or to see how your application is progressing, please contact us on 91758000.