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Event name: Harmony Week: Multi-Cultural Film Festival
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Featuring CONTACT
An opportunity to learn about Australia’s oldest continuous culture and the Martu people - come heartheir stories

Colourfest Films: Australian Stories 2019
Our selection of films are named 'Australian stories' to celebrate the evolving identity of Australia as a
nation of diverse faces.

17:30 Culture Strong
Culture Strong explores how 2 young Sikhs in Australia connect to and preserve their culture through music: Hip Hop and traditional Sikh music. It follows the stories of Sukhdeep Singh (L-FRESH The LION) and Manbir Singh (kirtan teacher) and shows how their stories meet at this juncture in time.
17:40 Eve
A teenager comes of age through the most unlikely of friendships in working class, multicultural, Western Sydney.
17:55 Mother, Child
Having suffered a recent stroke, a mother and her adult son are reacquainted and forced to live together. As they face the physical and psychological challenges head on, they’re placed on an emotional collision course, leading them to question whether their close proximity is such a good idea.
18:10 Panguna
Panguna is the name of a mine deep in the islands of Papua New Guinea. This tiny cluster of islands in the Pacific is rich in natural resources such as gold, silver and copper. For seventeen years the mine functioned peacefully until 1989 when the local villagers rebelled against the government and targeted the mine. We follow the story of Veronica who was a villager from the area. She fell in love with one of the Australian workers. This documentary will show how she navigated through the conflict with a husband on one side and her family on the other. As their love story unfolded the world around them was at war.
18:20 Talent Show
Talent Show follows the life of a hardworking young man who works as a cleaner to make ends meet and provide for his partner and baby daughter. He finds a flyer for a talent show at work one day and sees the opportunity for his dream of becoming a rapper and performing come alive. How will he balance his daily chores and responsibilities with the pursuit of becoming a rapper? The film includes spoken word and rap, and explores themes of sacrifice, determination, and migration.
18:25 Feature Film CONTACT
is constructed around one of the most extraordinary pieces of footage in Australian history; the moment in 1964 where a group of 20 Martu women and children walked out of the Great Sandy Desert into a new universe of European modernity. The event was only captured on film because scientists were testing the Blue Streak Rocket in the desert at the time. Many of the players on both sides are alive to recreate and tell their story.

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Free Sausage Sizzle from 5:00pm

Screening starts 5:30pm


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Event location: The Square 
Event date and time: 15/03/2019, 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Open from: 26/02/2019 10:03:27 AM
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