Community grants and sponsorship Print

The Shire of East Pilbara's Community Assistance Grants and Sponsorships are designed to promote community development and well-being within the East Pilbara local government area.

There are five classifications of grants or community support:

Grant 1: This is a quick turnaround grant that is approved by the CEO for in-kind contributions up to the value of $500. In-kind contributions can be for the costs associated with hiring shire facilities such as,

  • Youth Centre hire
  • Recreation Centre use
  • Aquatic centre resources
  • Community facilities such as Boomerang Pavilion, Capricorn Oval
  • Trestle tables, chairs and other equipment hire
  • Depot workers labour charge

Grant 1 applications can be made at any time of the year. Not for profit organisations are eligible to receive a Grant 1 up to four times a year.

Click here for Grant One Guidlines and Application Form

Grant 2:This is also a quick turnaround grant approved by the CEO. This grant can be for up to $1,000 cash or in-kind support up to the same value or a combination of both. Grant 2 applications can be made at any time of the year. Organisations are only eligible to receive a Grant 2 once per year.

Click here for Grant Two Guidelines and Application Form

Grant 3: This grant is offered twice a year in January and July and is for amounts between $1,000 and 6,000 or in kind. These grants are approved at the Council meetings in March and August. Organisations are only eligible to receive a Grant 3 once per year.

Click here for Grant Three Guidelines and Application Form

Grant 4: This grant is open at any time of year and aims to support individuals under 21 years of age to attend sports competitions or cultural events at State, National or International level.

Click here for Grant Four Guidelines and Application Form

School Holiday Support Fund: This fund is designed specifically for in-kind contributions to organisations that provide local school holiday programs. The funding is valued up to $1000, for Council services or amenities that normally incur a fee, or in some instances for cash funding to contribute to resourcing of a school holiday program.

Click here for the School Holiday Support Fund Guidelines and Application Form


Grants are only available to not-for-profit organisations involved in arts, culture, sports, recreation and social services. Limited support is also available to local educational institutions. Applicants must fit one of the following categories.

  • A not-for-profit community organisation providing a community service within the East Pilbara region where there is a demonstrated community need or benefit
  • An educational institution in the East Pilbara for award presentations only or for Grant 5
  • A sporting Association to assist with club development (eg. Coaching courses, governance training and or grant writing courses)
  • An organisation involved in cultural development within the East Pilbara