Shire of East Pilbara's valued volunteers were recognised as part of the annual Thank a Volunteer Day event on December 5th.


The Shire of East Pilbara wishes to remind all residents that Ophthalmia Dam, (including Opthalmia Dam Recreation Zone) is a Passive Recreation facility. The potential risks are outlined on the facilities signage and via the Ophthalmia Dams Visitor Fact Sheet. 


Change of Opening Hours - Fridays

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You're invited to join us in the annual Chrismas Lights Bus Tour for 2018!
Take a sight seeing ride around Newman to see the bright lights the festive homes entered in this years Christmas Lights competition. 

For more information contact events@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au


Join us at the Marble Bar Swimming Pool for a Christmas Pool Party ! 


Join us for the annual Christmas Pool Party at Newman Aquatic centre 

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