Young East Pilbara artist on big screen in Perth Print

Young East Pilbara artist on big screen in Perth

A 13 year old artist from Newman has had his work displayed on the iconic digital tower at the heart of Yagan Square in Perth as part of WALGA’s 2019 #shoWcAse in Pixels.
Kevin Edmonds’ artwork was selected following a call for submissions from the community to create a banner design encapsulating the Shire of East Pilbara to be included in an exhibition of artwork from Local Governments in Western Australia.

The young artist has lived in Newman his whole life and was inspired by the colours, flora and fauna native to the Pilbara region.

“My art shows a dingo because it is native to this land. Brown and red is the earth of the Pilbara. The tree is a gumtree which is the life of the Pilbara,” said Kevin.

Formerly known as the Banners in the Terrace Competition, artworks were previously submitted in the form of physical banners which were hung on the poles along St Georges and Adelaide Terrace. This year, digital artwork designs were displayed on the 45-metre high tower at Yagan Square, which features a circular screen with 14 columns, representing the 14 Noongar language groups.

“The Shire of East Pilbara is excited that the art of Kevin Edmonds has been selected to represent our amazing Shire and we feel his work is a fantastic reflection of life in this beautiful part of the state,” said Shire President Lynne Craigie OAM.

2019 #shoWcAse in Pixels is one of the State’s largest ongoing community arts projects, and is widely acknowledged as being one of the most colourful and vibrant displays throughout the year.
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