Recreation a strong focus in Shire budget for 2019-20 Print

Recreation a strong focus in Shire budget for 2019-20

Recreation and road safety continue to be of major importance to the Shire of East Pilbara, evidenced by the 2019-20 budget, which was adopted by Council at the last meeting.
More than $5.3 million has been allocated to upgrades and improvements to roads across the region, a sign that road safety is a clear priority to the Shire.

"The safety of residents and visitors on our roads has always been paramount to us so I am pleased that we will be continuing to improve and upgrade our road networks across the region," said Shire President Lynne Craigie OAM.

Another important inclusion is the $6.3 million to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Newman for upgrades which will future proof the sustainable irrigation source to the town’s ovals and green spaces.

“We know how important our ovals and parks are to our community and therefore we have a duty to ensure we can maintain the quality of our excellent grassed areas,” said President Craigie.

Other highlights in the budget include almost $700,000 allocated to recreational facilities, cultural activities and events including $250,000 to Marble Bar Skate Park and $200,000 to Newman Youth Centre.

The Shire has also reduced the number of different rate categories from twelve to three. President Craigie indicates that this change has resulted in a fairer rate levying process.
“The change to our rates will mean we are close to the fairest, most equitable and most efficient method of rate levying available. Whilst the majority of ratepayers won’t see a significant difference in their annual rates, the changes will have an impact on some ratepayers,” she said.
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