Nbn switched on in Newman Print

Nbn switched on in Newman

The last piece of the nbn network has been switched on and Newman is now nbn ready!
Construction of the fixed line network in Newman was completed this past week allowing about 2,100 homes and businesses to connect to the network through a phone or internet provider.

"It's great news that Newman will now have access to fast, reliable broadband services which will make a huge difference for our residents and for future growth," said Shire President Lynne Craigie.

"It's important to remember that switching to the nbn isn’t automatic and residents will need to order a service over the nbn access network from a phone or internet provider," she added.

Construction for the nbn in Newman commenced at the end of 2017. 

How do I connect to the nbn?
  • Residents and businesses will receive a direct mail communication from nbn advising them that they can connect to the nbn™ broadband access network. The communication will explain switching isn’t automatic and they need to order a service over the nbn access network from a phone or internet provider.
  • Because the nbn™ broadband access network is replacing (or upgrading) parts of the existing phone and internet infrastructure, most people will need to move to a new plan. Residents and businesses will have 18 months to move before their existing phone and or internet service is disconnected. The 18 month disconnection window does notapply to premises covered by a SkyMuster satellite service who can choose to retain their existing copper service if they wish.
Choices over the nbn access network
  • More than 150 providers retail nbn services to customers, so there are a number of very competitively priced packages available. nbnrecommends people shop around to find a plan that best suits their budget and needs.  A list of providers can be found on the nbn website:  https://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home/service-providers.html
  • Many people are not aware that for the first time in history they have a choice of speeds when connecting to a service over the nbn access network through a phone or internet provider. This is why nbn recommends people talk to their phone or internet provider about the speed tiers available in their area, as well as the actual speeds they can expect to experience, particularly during peak times like the evening, to ensure they are signing up for a plan which best suits their needs. People should also keep in mind that 25 megabits or above is considered a superfast broadband speed. A retail plan based on nbn’s wholesale 12/1 speed tier is not considered superfast and is likely to be comparable with the current ADSL service many people have.  
Medical Alarms
  • For those that have a medical alarm, or care for someone who does, it is important to register this with nbn as it helps nbn to identify households where support may be needed when they are connecting to a plan on the nbn™ access network . People can register via the nbnwebsite or by calling 1800 227 300. Registration is free.
Business Owners
  • Every business has different communication and data needs, which is why business owners should speak with their phone or internet provider about a plan or package that works best for them and their business.
  • Additionally, as the rollout of the nbn™ access network involves new technologies which some existing devices may not be compatible it is important that business owners talk to their device provider for advice and to understand if their devices or services will work on the nbn™ access network, and what alternatives may be available.
  • Business owners are encouraged to visit the nbn website to use the online checklist and other supporting tools and information to prepare their business when connecting to services over the nbn™ access network.
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