Marble Bar Reverse Triathlon Success Print

Marble Bar Reverse Triathlon Success

The hottest town in Australia turned out to support a small but enthusiastic group of competitors in the third Reverse Triathlon event in Marble Bar.
The 2018 Marble Bar Reverse Triathlon presented by Act Belong Commit featured athletes from Newman, Port Hedland and Marble Bar who competed for race honours on Sunday 29 July.

"The Shire of East Pilbara is a place where sport, fitness and competition thrive and it's fantastic that we can host a triathlon in our famous town of Marble Bar, right in the heart of the Pilbara," said Shire President Lynne Craigie.

"What makes this triathlon different from others is that most triathlons traditionally have three legs; the swim, the cycle, followed by the run. But our Marble Bar event reverses the order so competitors can have a cool down at the end of the race.

"Congratulations to those who placed first in their division and to everyone who made the effort to travel to Marble Bar for this triathlon which I am sure will soon be as famous as the Marble Bar Races and the Billy Cart Races!" she added.
The fastest male competitor was Brandon Smith from Newman (who also won the Newman Triathlon earlier this year) with a time of 27.57. The fastest female competitor was Jo Malcolm from Fremantle with a time of 34.43.  Nick Hamer, (Officer in Charge, Marble Bar Police Station) won the award for the fastest Marble Bar resident  with his prize sponsored by Marble Bar's Ironclad Hotel.

The race started with a 2.5 km run around the iconic Marble Bar Race Track. Competitors then cycled the undulating road into town, past the Ironclad Hotel and up a steep climb to the Marble Bar Swimming Pool for a 250 metre swim.

The event was sponsored by Healthway and presented by Act Belong Commit. The Act Belong Commit program encourages everyone to take action to protect and strengthen their mental health and well being.  The campaign prescribes that being active, building a sense of belonging and doing things that provide meaning and purpose in life as good for your mental health.
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