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Lighting at Public Ovals

Continued outage until 7 June to 14 June 2019
Sporting clubs and community are advised the automated lighting for sporting grounds and community ovals for the week of 7 June – 14 June is still not operational. All arrangements remain the same as the previous notices.

• Community members are advised that general lighting on Goanna and Boomerang Ovals which usually operates between the hours 6pm – 8pm will not be operational during this period.

• Sporting Clubs with public oval bookings which requiring lighting for training and events during this period have been given access to turn on the lights manually, and access keys have been provided where needed. Clubs are asked to ensure relevant members have access to the keys and procedures.

The replacement integrated lighting system is expected to be supplied and delivered by early next week. The Shire of East Pilbara staff continue to work to resolve this issue and will keep clubs and community updated on the status of the work.

Until the system is operational again, for urgent after hours issues with lighting at public ovals, please contact Ranger Services Duty Officer on 0419 860 376.

Jeremy Edwards
Chief Executive Officer
7 June 2019
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